T4bp Gets Personal

Glenn CrownoverJuly 30, 2010
Hello Busy People!

We've been busy as well - building the next iteration of t4bp .  A lot has changed - you may now log in (with Twitter remote authorization, so it's safe and revoke-able.  Don't worry, we still respect your time and privacy and won't ask you for email addresses or passwords).  You just need to tell Twitter it is ok for t4bp to access the Twitter API on your behalf.

Once you sign in, we are then able to offer all the power of Twitter, in a t4bp style!  Though we are going to do this in stages, so this first stage offers the following features:

  • Friends at a Glance (same as the old t4bp) but with ability to show up to 2,500 friends!
  • Includes those who have "protected tweets" (one of the benefits of authorization)
  • Includes "mentions" (tweets that have mentioned you).
  • Continues to monitor your stream and grab new tweets (and marks them as new)
  • Allows you to quickly follow/unfollow users (great for cleaning up your account!)
  • Ability to just load "new" tweets - similar to Twitter.com home page but in t4bp style.
  • Ability to Tweet directly from t4bp - complete with URL/Tweet shrinking, symbols, etc.
  • A complete Help system - we want to make this easy to use.
  • Other niceties.. ;-)

There are many subtle changes to this update, since the application was largely re-engineered.  We are going to shift some focus to this project and really try to make it into something that helps a lot of people manage their Twitter use more effectively - and have more fun doing it!

As always, we love getting feedback - let us know what you think of the changes.  Either publicly below in the comments for this blog, or privately using the feedback window on the right.
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