Now You Can Filter Your Friends!

Glenn CrownoverFebruary 21, 2010
Now we've made it even faster and easier for you to find friends and their tweets at t4bp.

We've got a slightly new look, and a new feature for filtering your friend list by name, keywords in their bio, or keywords in their tweets! 

To use this new feature, press the key to pull up the new Heads-Up-Display panel.  On the left side of the panel, type a few letters of what you want to filter on:

In this example, I have entered "gav", looking for San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom.  All (or most) of my twitter friends will be grayed out, and only friends matching the filter will be highlighted:

This also works with user bios - so you can search for "cooking" or "books" and find your twitter friends who have mentioned that in their bio or in their latest tweet.

Note: This does not perform a twitter search - it is only to filter the results you already have displayed on your screen.

Also, we hope you like our enhanced look - complete with cloud menus and a handy feedback slideout!   Please leave us any comments or suggestions you think of while using the site!

Thanks for all your continued support everyone!

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