Fit More Tweets on Your Screen than Ever Before

Glenn CrownoverFebruary 27, 2010
t4bp has always been about presenting as much to you in a glance as possible.  But now we give you the option to see even more !

To pack your friends in even closer , first enter your twitter name to see your friends, which looks like this :
Normal View
Then, pull up the t4bp Heads Up Display (HUD) by clicking on .  Note the new layout options on the right side:

Change the spacing via the 3 spacing control buttons on the left side:
    Selecting the 3rd choice as shown, results in flush spacing as shown here:

Change the avatar size via the 2 size selectors on the right:
This shows the normal size selected.  If the new small avatar size is selected, avatars are displayed like this:

With larger screens, you can now comfortably fit all 500 friends into a single page without scrolling!  Talk about your Friends at a Glance!

More features to help save you time with your busy life are on the way!
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