Scheduled down time on April 9

Glenn CrownoverApril 6, 2013
bluejava is moving - and we are taking our servers with us!

bluejava will be relocating from the fantastic bay cove of Yokohama, Japan, to the sunny shores of Fujisawa, Japan on Tuesday, April 9!  We will attempt to minimize the downtime during the move, but some will be unavoidable.

Our plan is to take the site down around 4:00am GMT on April 9 and bring them back online a couple hours later.

Please note that our IP address will change, and this could result in delays as well.  Again, we will do all we can to minimize this disruption.

Thank you for understanding!
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April 7, 2013
Thanks for the advice. I love T4BP. ;-)
April 7, 2013
Thanks for your continued support Carlos!  (・㉨・)ノ
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